CBD for PMS???

CBD for PMS Girl

Okay, so everytime I turn around I hear CBD is for this, CBD is for that.... so one of the things it was recommended for by one source was PMS. I was a little skeptical. First of all, how can it be good for so many things? Second, is this true?, because this is something that I suffer from.

Women who experience bad PMS symptoms can understand this- they are saying there is help for the cramps and wild emotional swings of anger and zero tolerance (from an otherwise very tolerant person), and the tears at the drop of a hat! This is definitely too good to be true, right?

I, myself, was once prescribed Xanax to take once daily during PMS to make it tolerable. Me, a girl who hesitates to takes advil for headaches, was prescribed Xanax. No, thank you. Out of desperation for my family’s sanity, I did try the Xanax for two days and found no difference. I then wondered if the Xanax was meant for me or for my family while I had PMS! (Just kidding)

So, I decided to try CBD because I don’t like feeling like a stranger in my own body and I feel bad for those around me who have to experience my crazy mood swings. (I have never tried CBD before this for anything) Here is what happened -

Day one: I took a quarter of a dropper (8 mg). I took it in the evening so I would be at home incase I had a weird reaction (I am a nurse- I worry about these things).

About 15-30 minutes after putting the drops under my tongue, I noticed that I felt good. Not high, but happy, and good. As the evening progressed I noted that things that typically bother me during PMS were not really disturbing me. Things like too much noise from the TV or kids yelling, unwashed dishes in the sink, folded laundry that had not been put away yet... these are things that can spark a rage during PMS and that evening- it just didn’t send me over the edge. Pretty good day.

Day 2: I took my drops in the morning before work. I had a really good day. There are things at work which can sometimes cause me great stress on a normal day, but a day with PMS can make it almost intolerable. Often times i find myself in tears on the way home because I snapped at someone I work with or I saw patients who are at the end of their life and I just couldn’t deal with it ( mind you- this sometimes an occupational hazard but always worse during PMS ) But this day, it was busy and I had one less co-worker, and I make it through with a smile on my face.

In the evening, I was a little edgy and my daughter teased me that my oil was wearing off. I took a second dose- because why not? Well, I found out why not. I felt good again within minutes, however, around 1:00 am, I awoke to severe abdominal cramping and worse yet, diarrhea. It resolved after about thirty minutes, but it was a very long and uncomfortable thirty minutes.

The lesson here- you can actually take too much of a good thing.

Day 3: I did not dare take a morning dose of oil for fear of more GI issues. By evening I was fed up with myself and my moody behavior and decided to take two drops- a very low dose of approximately 2 mg. Within a half hour, I felt better.

So I have continued just two drops each morning of my PMS. I felt a sense of relief from the ”monster” that I become during this week in my cycle.

I will keep you updated on my progress, this is new for me and I think giving a live update will help others who suffer the same monthly frustration. Feeling hopeful at this point and my family is feeling grateful. Stay tuned...

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